Happy Good Friday Fasting Rule Catholic Ideas 2018

The Good Friday is the of the most exciting occasion of the year; This day is sorrowful and sad for us. Still, there are many reasons to be thankful for. His death has given us life that is holy and blessed. Let’s celebrate this auspicious occasion and spread the happiness of God with these good Friday fasting. You can also share this good Friday celebration as good Friday fasting rules. Events of this holy week start during the Palm Sunday and followed by the Maundy Thursday and then Good Friday, Black Saturday, and the Easter Sunday. If you are a Catholic or Christian or any other community and religion, then you can be starting to preparation how you will be celebrating your Good Friday 2018 which is very near. The upcoming Happy Good Friday Will take place on 14 April 2018. But to start, let us first find out why such a day is the saddest day.

Good Friday Fasting

Good Friday is the main part of the holy week which commemorates the sacrifices the great Lord Jesus Christ has given his life just to save us humankind and give us eternal life. During good Friday, there are many different kinds of activities and festival are held to do the commemoration. Fasting on good Friday is held in the local churches with the Christian community invited to attend them. There is also artificial plays being held to portray the journey of the Jesus Christ to crucifixion. Stations of the bulky Cross are also being represented both at the genuine plays and at the holy churches, plus some other religious places.

fasting for good friday

fasting on good friday catholic

Fasting on Good Friday

Fasting on Good Friday

Now that you know what happy Good Friday is, it is now the time for us to discuss why you should celebrate it as the sad day. Below are the reasons why you should celebrate Good Friday with fasting on good Friday Catholic. There are many different activities are done on this holy day. The main part of this good Friday celebration is the cross. The Stations of the Cross itself play how Jesus carried the cross with him and how he was crucified on it. As a Catholic Christian community, whenever you lead your prayers you feel the God is watching you. Now, you may think that fasting on good Friday Roman Catholic occasion is about sadness and that it is an event full of grief and tears.

good friday fasting rule

Good Friday Fasting

However, you are definitely thinking wrong. Such sad emotions and feeling are just brought up by the fact that good fasting for good Friday is about commemorating the sacrifice of the great Jesus Christ to save the humankind and give them eternal life. Other various traditions activities are also held, many other activities are done on this event such as sharing the latest gifts and surprises tradition and good Friday Catholic fasting rules at the time of this event.

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